Humorous Tracking Advice

only for the very, very experienced trackers - with a sense of humor

Compiled over the years by North Idaho Trackers with additions by other tracking groups.


1) Never track alone (you have nobody else to blame)

2) Use 2 person teams instead of 3 (they contaminate less area when you get lost and wander)

3) Never place a ribbon on the ground (you may have to explain what you marked)

4) Always have a "spare" prime line handy (you may get stumped by the one you are following)

5) Never be the first person on-scene (you'll have to find the first print)

6) Alway travel light (leave your raingear, flashlight, water and bug spray in the truck)

7) Don't lean on a cheap 1/4" diameter dowel tracking stick (you will get a 1/4" diameter sliver)

8) When regular cuts aren't working, try the Hail Mary (go long and hope you get lucky)

9) Don't stay in the same motel as Bob Brady (it might catch fire and burn down)

10) Don't do a training on the top of a mountain on April Fool's Day (snow might cover your signline)

11) Never attend an overnight training class without earplugs (classmates will snore)

12) You are having a bad day when the best cut you make is the one you make in the lunch line.